China should vigorously develop metal packaging to ensure canned food safety.

    Packaging materials are closely related to food safety. From a certain point of view, food packaging is as important as food, and the insecurity of food packaging materials and packaging manufacturing technology will directly lead to the occurrence of food safety problems. The new food safety law has stricter specifications for hygiene and safety of food packaging materials, containers and production equipment.

    At present, the world recognized that metal packaging is the most safe and environmentally friendly product. It is generally believed that the material has good permeability and non transmittance, which can effectively prevent the content from being oxidized by light and prevent contaminants from invading. Therefore, it has the characteristics of safety, health and health.

    In addition, the more important point is that the Ma Kou iron tank is the most environmentally friendly container, because it can be recycled, can be recycled and reused, in line with the energy conservation and environmental requirements advocated by the state. Moreover, if the empty tank is placed in the natural environment, it will naturally oxidize, smash or integrate into the soil after 7 years of wind and rain.

    There is no doubt that canned food, beverage, milk powder, lunch meat, tomato sauce and other canned foods, which are closely related to the daily life of the vast majority of consumers, are popular in the city. This can not be said that the rapid, stable, healthy development of the metal packaging industry and the long-term attention to the safety of food are closely related.

    At present, China has become the second largest metal packing and manufacturing country in the world. A large number of large metal packaging industry groups are constantly emerging. These enterprises have strengthened communication and cooperation with the canned food industry, and the pattern of realizing common development has been formed.

    At present, canned food manufacturing industry is looking forward to the metal packaging industry. Experts believe that the future direction of the development of metal packaging industry is: first, in the reduction and reduction of packaging work, to start from the packaging manufacturing enterprises, the industrial chain should establish a concept: to reduce the consumption of packaging as much as possible. Only in this way, the cost of all enterprises on the industrial chain can be reduced, the scale can be expanded, the benefit can be improved, and the two is the recycling of environmental protection and the establishment of a circular economy system.

    Then, how can we realize the reduction of packaging and establish a recycling economy system? Experts believe that through technological innovation, the reduction of metal packaging can be completed, and the foundation of circular economy can be established through environmental recycling. China's metal packaging industry has the responsibility to continuously develop better quality, cheaper and more suitable recycling products. Only in this way, can the metal packaging industry in China continue to meet the wider needs of the food industry and contribute to the early completion of the grand industrial blueprint of "the power of the food industry and the power of the packaging industry".

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