The advantages of metal packaging materials

    The excellent performance of the metal packing material:

    (1) high barrier performance can block the transmission of gas, steam, water, oil, light and so on. It is used in food packaging to show excellent protection function, so that the packaged food has a long shelf life.

    (2) excellent mechanical properties metal materials have good tensile, compressive, bending strength, toughness and hardness. It is used as food packaging to show pressure, temperature and humidity change and insect resistance. The packaged food is convenient for transportation and storage; the sale radius of the goods is greatly increased, and the mechanical and automatic operation of packaging is suitable, the seal is reliable and the efficiency is high.

    (3) container processing technology is good, metal has excellent plastic deformation performance, and it is easy to make all kinds of containers for food packaging. The modern metal container processing technology and equipment are mature, and the production efficiency is high. For example, the production speed of Maguchi Tetsumi production line can reach 1200 cans per minute, and the production speed of aluminum two piece tank production line reaches 3600 cans per minute, which can meet the needs of large-scale automatic production of food.

    (4) good high temperature resistance, thermal conductivity and heat-resistant impact metal material, which can be used as food packaging can adapt to food cold and hot processing, high temperature sterilization, rapid cooling after sterilization and other processing needs.

    (5) the surface decoration is good, the metal has the luster, may provide the more ideal and beautiful commodity image through the surface color printing decoration.

    (6) the recycling of packaging wastes is easy to recycle, and the recycling of metal packaging wastes reduces the environmental pollution. At the same time, its regenerative regeneration can save resources and save energy, which is particularly important in promoting green packaging today.

    Metal as a food packaging material shortcomings: poor chemical stability, acid and alkali corrosion resistance, especially in the packaging of high acid content is easily corroded, while the metal ions easily precipitate food flavor, which to a certain extent limited the scope of its use. To compensate for this shortcoming, coating is usually applied to the inner wall of the metal packaging container. Another drawback is that the price is more expensive, but it will improve with the progress of production technology and mass production.

    The main metal materials used in food packaging are divided into two categories: one type of steel based packaging materials, including Du Xibo steel (Ma Koutie), chrome plated steel plate, coating plate, galvanized plate, stainless steel plate and so on. The other is aluminum packaging materials, including aluminum alloy sheet, aluminum foil, aluminum wire and so on.

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