What are the common metal packaging materials?

    I believe that many car owners will encounter the car air conditioning is not cool when the wind blows out, which is very distressing. First of all, from the construction of automobile air conditioning, the obvious difference between automobile air conditioning and household air conditioning is that the driving force used is different, which is composed of compressor, pressure switch, blower, and other components.

    1. Check for fluorine leakage

    2. Is the filter element dirty

    3. Is the air conditioning condenser clean

    4. Whether the fan is clean and blocked (in winter and summer, there are some water vapor in the blowing opportunity, and the appearance of the fan will be blocked due to the turbidity of dust particles)

    For these are many owners can see the more intuitive can show the reason that the car air conditioning does not cool, for can not intuitive judgment can only use some instruments to measure, which requires professional personnel to operate. Generally speaking, first check whether the high pressure and low pressure of snow (134a) are normal (check is carried out during the vehicle landing process). Generally, the high pressure should be 1.3-1.7mpa (13-17kg / cm2 or 190-250lbf / in2); the low pressure should be between 0.15-0.25mpa (1.5-2.5kg/cm2 or 20-35lbf / in2). If the low pressure is higher or lower than this range, it means that the expansion valve regulation is abnormal. If there is any problem with the compressor, it is not included.

    To judge whether the air conditioning compressor operates normally, you can directly feel whether the low-pressure pipeline of the car is cold with your hands, or you can judge the change of low pressure and high pressure through the pressure gauge to make a more direct judgment.

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